Witch’s New Year

Samhain marks the end of the modern witch’s spiritual year and November 2nd is the start of the next. That means the 1st is the day between years, and it’s a perfect time to see what the new year will bring. 

I’ve been playing around with a new oracle system. A half dozen years ago this article popped up http://www.ata-tarot.com/reflections/10-05-10/junk-oracle-2.html with a type of divination that really spoke to me. Junkomancy, flotsam and jetsom oracle, found object oracle, charm casting, trinket oracles, there are lots of variations on the theme, and quite a few people coming up with kitchy names to market their set, but they all boil down to the same basic premise. A take on throwing the bones, a collection of bits is assembled, a handful are chosen blindly and tossed onto a cloth or surface, and the resulting pattern is interpreted. 

My throw included a crystal ball, a race car, a more sedate car, a key, and a goat. Some symbols have universally accepted meanings; keys open doors and make the way easier, cars are travel, goats traditionally are a new enterprise that includes risk, and crystal balls look into the future. 


If I worry too much about the future, or try to go too fast, I’m going to be derailed, but if I step back and let things flow the doors to new things will open without effort . 

I added a tarot card to the reading, asking for what my personal year should focus on in regards to relationships and my emotional state . The Queen of Cups. Trust my intuition. Listen to my inner voice. Show compassion. 

Yeah. Sigh. I’ll work on it.