Full Moon Mussings

My small took this amazing pic as we were leaving our esbat celebration. We haven’t had the opportunity to join our coven for the full moon in quite some time. The night was beautiful, cold and clear. 

I struggled to find a sense of peace this month. The relationships that bound my little group together have started to fray and little things hurt more than they should. 

Ever since I can remember keeping the peace has been my special gift. I’ve been told that butterflies come out of my mouth when I’m diffusing a situation. Somehow I don’t think that’s what would have come out had I opened my lips this night. 

It was a little thing. It shouldn’t have bothered me. But it did. And trying to not let it cloud the evening was difficult. 

Ah well. The food was filling. The hostess was lovely. The scene was set in the way it has been set for almost all of our esbat nights. 

As the candles burned low we prepared for our divination. A crystal bowl filled with water took center stage as the wax from a candle was poured into it. The bowl is then passed around the table so each participant could reflect on the shapes and settle on a message. 

My small immediately saw a mouse (though to be fair, the conversation we had just had centered around a mouse story). When it came to me I saw a T-rex that morphed into a turtle. 

I’ll let you decide what that means.