Blessed Imbolc

In our family Imbolc is a simple celebration. We eat eat foods heavy with dairy to celebrate the milk that is flowing with the new lambs being born. We bake oat cakes to smash into the door ways.  We weave crosses to honor Bride and hang them in the rafters for protection. 

Crafting was first. 

I soaked beautiful black bearded wheat from for this year’s crosses.  They’re simple to weave once you get the hang of it and I love that moment of triumph when someone “gets” it. 

After we admired our handiwork we went outside to stomp the earth awake and smash the oat cakes into the doorways. It’s an old tradition that my friend Steven Posch wrote about for Circle Round, and one that we’ve included since my small was actually a small. 

We decided to try something different with the menu this year. Fondue. Rich creamy melty cheese fondue. There was broth and oil fondue as well, but the cheese was center stage. The most wonderful thing about the meal was how comfortable we all became with one another. Fondue is not a solo experience. 

That was about the extent of the woo. We ended the night with a game of Aggravation, the newest of our vintage games, and then went home to hang our cross in the rafters. 

May the sun continue to warm the earth as the days lengthen and we prepare for spring.