The first forty years of life give us the text; the next thirty supply the commentary on it. – Arthur Schopenhauer

I ended my fortieth year last week. If that is the text of my life I think I’m OK with it. It’s not a fast rise to the top of the best seller list, full of daring adventure or devastating trauma. I’d like to think that it’s more the hidden gem that once read you can’t forget.

This last year packed quite a punch.

I was involuntarily off work for the first time since I was 16. I had to really decide if what I was doing was worth trying to keep doing.

I lost my father. Parental relationships are never easy, and the last few months of his life I was flooded with questions that he was physically unable to answer.

My small turned 16…

The chimney caved in and one wall of my house almost came down (tuck pointing is a necessary thing and should not be ignored).

But it all worked itself out, fairly smoothly without too much strain on my part. If nothing else can be taken away from the narrative, I am a lucky bastard.

I always try to pull cards at milestone times. What was I to take away from what has happened? Where am I headed now?

This year’s birthday reading was done at the kitchen table, surrounded by containers of baked goods and the dregs of another’s birthday gifts.

I have found that if I wait for the perfect setting, or need to be in “sacred” space that things get put off. Instead I treat all of my space as sacred; cluttered, dirty, borrowed, it doesn’t matter. It exists, and so do I, and we are both sacred.

I received a deck of Gypsy Witch cards as a gift, so that is what I used. This deck is similar to an Italian sibilla deck, as it has all 52 cards, but unlike the sibilla it has the meanings printed on it. In a pinch, it can also be used as a Lenormand deck (see Donnaleigh’s post for more info).

Space only allowed for the smaller of the described layouts, but at 17 cards small is retaliative. 18095939_1873520882889854_5377323170833367040_n

As in Lenormand, the lady is the significator and where the cards fall in relation to her tells how important their message is. ALL of the cards are read, and they all have a message to impart. The direction of items is also something to note. The back of the book is to the lady’s front, crossed swords are at her head, the letter is at her feet.

Good fortune, success, happiness, and good health account for more than half the cards.


There is a mighty enemy to my left, a loss by speculation above that, threats at my head, and a mystery to my right.

It should be an interesting year!